A professionally installed Office air conditioning is essential to ensure the comfort and wellbeing of employees. It is common for poorly planned air conditioning systems to create hot and cold spots in the office that make it uncomfortable for employees to work.

It is also common to find offices with altered layouts changing the intial design footprint rendering the original heating and ventilation design obsolete.

Cost is also a factor in office environments where you have different areas of the space competing to increase and decrease air temperature creating much higher running costs.

It is therefore important to design and install systems profesionally to ensure the office layout has been correctly catered for and an even temerature can be maintained throughout the space.

  • Board Rooms
  • Receptions
  • IT Rooms
  • Backup Rooms
  • Comms Rooms
  • Individual Offices
  • Directors Offices


"Adam and his professional team have supplied and serviced all our AC requirements.

During the last 8 years we have found them most helpful and competitive and would always recommend them.

Five star company offering a five star service!"

- Christopher Jackson, Milton-Lloyd Director